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I CURRENTLY OFFER FIVE WORKSHOPS on contemplative writing, journal writing, nature writing, place-based writing, and travel writing.


These may be adapted to be presented as seminars/speaking engagements and to run for various lengths of time, depending on interest and need.


Below is a list of workshops and seminars I’ve conducted in the past plus a newly designed workshop on journal writing.


For more information about these, or to make arrangements for a speaking engagement or workshop for your group or organization, please use the contact form to the right.




“Thinking Outside the Leather-bound Book: The Art and Craft of Journal Writing”


Journal writing is so much more than a simple accounting of the day’s events. It can certainly include that, but it can also be used to record observations of nature or nighttime dreams, to daydream, to rant, to collect quotes, to work through problems, to reflect on the past, to sketch out ideas for future creative projects, and more.


Even shopping lists and recipes shouldn’t be considered out of place here.

A journal can be written on a computer in one dedicated file or in separate “note” files to one’s self. It can be written by hand in a fancy hardcover notebook or a simple spiral notebook, on a loose collection of papers, or even on the backs of receipts or napkins in a restaurant. Don’t put your journal writing in a box!


This workshop will explore journal writing in all its multifaceted, messy glory. We will read examples from famous writers’ journals, discuss technical aspects of the craft, and, of course, practice journal writing ourselves.




“The Golden Road to Samarkand (or Any Other Destination, Including Home): Writing About Place” Wordstock Festival 2013, Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR, 6 Oct. 2013.


Winter Wheat: The Mid-American Review Festival of Writing, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, 10 Nov. 2007.


Travel Writing: “Taking the High Road, the Low Road, a Busy Urban Street, or a Trackless Desert Trace and Finding Our Way Back Home” Professional Writers of Prescott monthly meeting, Prescott Public Library, Prescott, Arizona, 26 Jan. 2011.


“Solitude and Story: A Contemplative Writing Workshop” (co-conducted with Dianne Aprile)  Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, Clermont, Kentucky, 17-18 May 2008.


“Without and Within: Nature as Catalyst for Writing” Bernheim Writer-in-Residence public workshop, Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, Clermont, Kentucky, 16 July 2006.


 “How to Write a Winning Statement of Purpose” Teachers of English of Shymkent (TESh) workshop, Shymkent, Kazakhstan, 9 Feb. 2006


U.S. Government Exchange Program Alumni Workshop, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 28 Sept. 2005


“Differences Between the American and Kazakhstani Higher Education Systems: How Understanding Them Will Aid the Current Educational Transition” Second Republic of Kazakhstan Workshop on International Partnership and Progressive Technologies in Higher Education, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 28 April 2005


“Differences Between the American and Kazakhstani University Systems, and How Understanding Them Will Aid the Coming Educational Transition” TESh workshop, Shymkent, Kazakhstan, 11 May 2004


Fourth National Association of Teachers of English of Kazakhstan (NATEK) Conference, Shymkent, Kazakhstan, 23 April 2004


“How to Write American-Style CVs, Resumes, and Cover Letters” TESh workshop, Shymkent, Kazakhstan, 9 Oct. 2003


“Introducing Critical Thinking into the EFL Classroom” U.S. Peace Corps Kaz-17 Pre-Service Training, Panfilova, Kazakhstan, 17 Aug. 2005


Second Central Asian Teachers of English Conference, Turkistan, Kazakhstan, 19 June 2003


Third NATEK Conference, Shymkent, Kazakhstan, 17 June 2003


U.S. Peace Corps All-Volunteer Conference, Arasan, Kazakhstan, 26 March 2003


TESh Workshop, Shymkent, Kazakhstan, 11 Dec. 2002


American Councils for International Education (ACCELS in Kazakhstan) Seminar, Shymkent, Kazakhstan, 7 Nov. 2002


“Using Creative Writing in the EFL Classroom” Third NATEK Conference, Shymkent, Kazakhstan, 17 June 2003


TESh Workshop, Shymkent, Kazakhstan, 15 April 2003

Writing Workshops & Seminars

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Photo of me guiding a writing  workshop at the Grand Canyon in 2008

My latest writing workshop, “The Golden Road to Samarkand (or Any Other Destination, Including Home): Writing About Place,” was selected for inclusion in the Wordstock Festival in Portland on Oct. 6, 2013. This from their website:


“Wordstock began in 2005 and is already the largest celebration of literature and literacy in the Pacific Northwest. Each year, during the festival, we bring together hundreds of small presses, independent publishers, non-profits, and independent booksellers along with 150+ authors. Because Wordstock is dedicated to connecting you to contemporary writers, the festival includes a series of knowledge and skill workshops for practicing writers called Wordstock for Writers.”

Journal  Writing

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Contemplative Writing

Writing About Place


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