Jeff Fearnside


Photo Travelogue: ASIA

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When I left for Kazakhstan in early June 2002, I fully expected to remain there for the entire two years of my Peace Corps tour.  I never imagined that I would stay for nearly four years, work in two countries, and travel along some of the most important—and beautiful—stops along the Great Silk Road.  Or that I would marry and gain a new family halfway around the world!


The photos on the connecting pages offer a taste of my life and travels throughout Asia and, upon my return to the U.S., Kentucky. I plan to post photos of the rest of my travels across the States soon, as well as of my two trips to the British Isles in 1994 (England and Wales) and 1999 (independent Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland).


To read more about these subjects, please visit my writing page. Whether in pictures or in words, I hope you enjoy your visit.

central asia map