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Sept. 9, 2009: I’ve just had a story from my manuscript Making Love While Levitating Three Feet in the Air accepted by a beautiful and well-respected independent journal out of Wisconsin, Rosebud, which will publish “Little Murders” in its Winter 2009 issue, due out in December. Additionally, my short story “Clean,” also from Making Love, was recently accepted by Controlled Burn, to appear in Spring 2010.


Aug. 6, 2009: I’ve returned—and recovered!—from a three-week trip to Kazakhstan and have some news to catch up on:


While overseas I had another of my Central Asian short stories accepted for publication. “Learning to Fly at the End of an Empire” will appear in either the Fall 2009 or Spring 2010 issue of Bayou Magazine.


Also, my fiction chapbook Three Tales of Love, Sex, and Magic was recently named a finalist in Spire Press’s 2009 Special Prose Chapbook Contest. The winner and full list of finalists may be found on the Spire Press website. [Later note: Unfortunately, Spire Press is no longer publishing.]

PLEASE SCROLL DOWN the page to read my news updates for this year. To access updates for each year going back to 2006, when I first created this webpage, click on the links to the right.

Finally, Alligator Juniper, the literary journal I work for as managing editor, has won the AWP Director’s Prize in Content for Undergraduate Literary Magazines! I can’t take credit for this—it was for last year’s issue, before I joined the staff—but I’m pleased to be part of a journal with such a strong track record: this is the third time in 13 years of publishing that Alligator Juniper has won this prestigious award. You can find a full press release on it here. [Later note: This link has since been moved from the Prescott College website and can’t be found.]


June 18, 2009: Two more of my short stories have been accepted for publication, by Potomac Review and Crab Orchard Review, both due out this fall. That means three out of my five linked tales set in Central Asia have been picked up. As soon as the remaining two are accepted, I’ll begin shopping around this mini-collection as a chapbook.


Also, nine of the 13 stories in my first full-length collection have now been published, and I’ve recently completed a nonfiction manuscript as well, a carefully edited selection of my journals and letters (with a few poems sprinkled in) from my time overseas. Both manuscripts are making the rounds as I write this. Any takers?


May 1, 2009: A good fortnight for publishing! Five pieces accepted within 16 days…


I’m pleased to announce that within the past couple of weeks I’ve had poems accepted by If Poetry Journal and The Los Angeles Review, short stories accepted by Cantaraville and Arroyo Literary Review, and a personal essay published by Etude: New Voices in Literary Nonfiction. I’ll post more on this later, as I hope everyone will support these fine journals.


I also read at Prescott College’s Earth Day extravaganza on April 22 and again with my wonderful and talented colleagues at the college’s Arts & Letters showcase on April 25.


Ah, spring is here, and new life and movement is in the air…


[Later note: If Poetry Journal apparently folded before publishing my poem. The good news is that it’s still available!]


Jan. 20, 2009: My short story “She Was a Winter,” part of the short-story collection that I’m currently shopping around, has been accepted by Eureka Literary Magazine out of Eureka College in Illinois. My story will appear in the Spring 2009 issue.



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